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September - Italian Session


In May, we have started a series of online sessions, in cooperation with some of our partners, to explore the world of welding technology and illustrate:

  • Fabric features
  • Welding Technology to be used
  • Welding parameters to be set for a proper welding for each different type of fabric

We invite you to choose the fabric you are working with, and register to the online demo session for a free training with our experts.

We invite you to choose the fabric you are working with, and register to the online demo session for a free training with our experts.

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The Next Training

  Date Fabric


May 31st; 11:00 Italian session

Raytent®️ Shade acrylic recycled fabric


Coming soon!


Raytent®️ Shade by Giovanardi

Raytent®️ Shade is a green economy brand, which treats waste as a resource to be valued.

Through an up-cycling process, the awnings processing scraps are recovered and transformed to create highly performing and sustainable fabrics. This process, certified by ReMade in Italy, uses less water, reduces the use of chemicals and emits less CO2.

The result is a fabric suitable for indoor and outdoor, with a minimal ecological footprint that can be used in various sectors, such as sun protection, industry, furniture and much more.

For more info on Raytent®️ Shade go to this page.



The training will be held by our experts in collaboration with our partners experts to offer a complete overview of the fabric's features and welding procedures.

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Francesca Cenci

SolarEdge Automation Machines - Marketing

Find out next sessions

In the next months we will develop further trainings, in collaboration with some of our partners, with the aim of providing our customers with an easy guide to support them with proper machine setting for:

  • increase the quality of your products
  • Avoid material waste
  • Set proper machine parameters

Next Sessions:

👉 Giovanardi, Raytent®️ Shade --> May 31st, 11:00 - Italian Session

👉 Plastex -->  September 2022

👉 Dickson -->  October 2022 - English/Italian sessions
      Orchestra, Max acrylics
      SWK6, SWK15, SWK TOP poliester/ pvc

Stay tuned to find out last updates on next session planning and, if you are interested, fill the form to ask for more info.



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Francesca Cenci

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Linear Welding Machine with liquid glue